Semantic Models for Education. Representations, between Research and Didactic, for Architecture and Design

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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 919)


The elaborative form that we have called, in its general aspects, “3D Semantic Model”, configures methods of representation, between research and teaching, for knowing, creating and transmitting cultural processes, ideas and forms preparatory to the project of architecture and design.

The main objectives of this method of representation, which over time we have been theorizing and experimenting on several occasions, are: to elaborate an ethical and conscious “aesthetic recycling”; to construct an interactive visual archive of memory fed by conceptual references, ideas, images and spatial hybridizations; to learn to draw, between survey and project, for solving “limits” pedagogically, both tracing and deleting them, at the same time.

Thus, the idea of a “cross-media” design (real, virtual, ideal, utopian, etc.) emerges, an outcome of personal creative elaborations, to help represent the complexity of contemporary culture.


Architectural drawing Semantic models Hybridizations Aesthetic recycling Pedagogy of drawing Representation 



The activity presented in the paper summarizes the latest outcomes of a work (still ongoing), between research and teaching, on that particular visual-elaborative form that we have called “Semantic Model”.

I would like to thank everyone who, to varying degrees, has made this research possible:

- first of all the students, intelligent observers of the techno-cultural revolution;

- my colleagues, an inexhaustible source of cultural dialogue;

- the designers and architects whose works are represented as fragments in this publication.


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