Intelligent Reservation Systems Based on MAS & Data Mining Method

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The basic concepts of reservation system and management system are discussed in this paper. The proposed “intelligent reservation system that is based on a combination of multi-agents system and data mining techniques makes intelligent reservation decisions whether to accept or reject a new client’s request for reservation needed services. In the first step of the proposed model. These reservation strategies are developed using integer aggregate results database (ARD) with multi-agent system, it consists of the following agents: Client Agent, Stock Agent, Agent Station, Aggregation Agent and Agent Response. We preprogrammed our system to apply data mining methods in a distributed way to retrieve information requested by client, the result obtained is a local model of each station the latter sends to the aggregator to obtain the final model that represents the customer response. The purpose of our proposal is to reduce response time and resource consumption by storing responses in ARD.


Multi-agent Data mining Intelligent reservation system 


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