Classification of Reductive Monoid Spaces over an Arbitrary Field

  • Mahir Bilen CanEmail author
Conference paper
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In this semi-expository paper, we review the notion of a spherical space. In particular, we present some recent results of Wedhorn on the classification of spherical spaces over arbitrary fields. As an application, we introduce and classify reductive monoid spaces over an arbitrary field.


Spherical spaces Colored fans Reductive monoid spaces 



I thank the organizers of the 2017 Southern Regional Algebra Conference: Laxmi Chataut, Jörg Feldvoss, Lauren Grimley, Drew Lewis, Andrei Pavelescu, and Cornelius Pillen. I am grateful to Jörg Feldvoss, Lex Renner, Soumya Dipta Banerjee, and to the anonymous referee for their very careful reading of the paper and for their suggestions, which improved the quality of the article. This work was partially supported by a grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents.


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