NeXtVLAD: An Efficient Neural Network to Aggregate Frame-Level Features for Large-Scale Video Classification

  • Rongcheng LinEmail author
  • Jing Xiao
  • Jianping Fan
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11132)


This paper introduces a fast and efficient network architecture, NeXtVLAD, to aggregate frame-level features into a compact feature vector for large-scale video classification. Briefly speaking, the basic idea is to decompose a high-dimensional feature into a group of relatively low-dimensional vectors with attention before applying NetVLAD aggregation over time. This NeXtVLAD approach turns out to be both effective and parameter efficient in aggregating temporal information. In the 2nd Youtube-8M video understanding challenge, a single NeXtVLAD model with less than 80M parameters achieves a GAP score of 0.87846 in private leaderboard. A mixture of 3 NeXtVLAD models results in 0.88722, which is ranked 3rd over 394 teams. The code is publicly available at


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The authors would like to thank Kaggle and the Google team for hosting the Youtube-8M video understanding challenge and providing the Youtube-8M Tensorflow Starter Code.


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