Orbital Tumors

  • Kristen E. Dunbar
  • Michael Kazim


A wide variety of tumors can present in the orbit. Treatment varies based on the type of lesion, current (or potential for) visual compromise, and cosmetic deformity. It is important for every patient to receive a complete ophthalmologic examination and appropriate imaging or biopsy in order to determine proper management.


Orbital tumors Dermoid cysts Capillary hemangiomas Lymphatic malformations Dermoid cysts Optic nerve gliomas Adenoid cystic carcinoma Pleomorphic adenomas Meningiomas of the optic nerve 

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  • Michael Kazim
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  2. 2.Edward S. Harkness Eye InstituteColumbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and SurgeonsNew YorkUSA

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