• Moacir de Miranda OliveiraJr.Email author
  • Fernanda Ribeiro Cahen
  • Felipe Mendes Borini


This chapter gives an overview on the behavior of high-tech startups and on important aspects of innovation ecosystems in Brazil. We discuss high-tech entrepreneurship by focusing the start of new high-tech businesses, here referred to as high-tech startups. We also discuss the context in which local innovation ecosystem can promote high-tech entrepreneurship. In this chapter we present the rise of high-tech startups and innovation ecosystems in Brazil, and its concentration in the Southern and Southeastern states of the country, especially in the state of São Paulo. This introductory chapter also offers the framework that highlights the central message of the book, comprising the experience of Brazilian high-tech startups with regard to innovation, sustainability, funding, and background of the entrepreneurs, and their efforts for entering international markets. The framework also highlights the innovation ecosystems and explains the role of business incubators, acceleration programs, government efforts and university entrepreneurship in the country. The framework is the basis for the organization of the chapters in this book.


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