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New Ideas in Ranking for Personalized Fashion Recommender Systems


Fashion is an area that is in constant growth. The proliferation of social media and the Web, in general, has made e-shopping, thus corresponding recommender systems, increasingly important. Fashion recommender systems is a related area that we focus on in this chapter. More specifically, we present how recommender systems are used in online fashion stores to enhance the user experience and increase sales. In addition, we look at challenges the fashion domain specifically faces. We exemplify solution strategies by considering the SoBazaar system, including showing how we built a recommendation approach for the system and discussing results from our experiments. The results from these experiments demonstrate the effectiveness and viability of our method.


  • Deterministic fashion recommender
  • Goal-oriented recommendation
  • Recommendation system
  • Stochastic fashion recommender

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    SoBazaar has been acquired by another company and is currently called Villoid (see

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    SoBazaar has been acquired by VILLOID after our study was completed. The current version of the system can be found at

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We would like to thank the SoBazaar team at Telenor Digital for providing the SoBazaar dataset and thus making our experiments possible. The dataset is available at under the Open Database (ODbL) v1.0 Licence.Footnote 10

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