Conclusion: World-Forming Theatre

  • Verónica Rodríguez


After offering the most comprehensive description of holed theatre in this book, this chapter looks at some of the mutating continuities throughout the plays analysed in the book, such as the ideas of undoing architectures, the role of outsiders and “outsidedness” and the status of women across Greig’s work. The chapter looks at the small acts of utopian reconstitution posited in Greig’s work as precarious recompositions and plays as an attempt to conjure “here” in the shamanic sense, theatre as a traversed world, and the world as a place where we are “unchosen multiple together” (Judith Butler and Jean-Luc Nancy). Greig’s theatre is holed; it is a theatre that happens in this and no other world, a world that we have the responsibility to shape.

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