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This paper presents VISIONE, a tool for large–scale video search. The tool can be used for both known-item and ad-hoc video search tasks since it integrates several content-based analysis and retrieval modules, including a keyword search, a spatial object-based search, and a visual similarity search. Our implementation is based on state-of-the-art deep learning approaches for the content analysis and leverages highly efficient indexing techniques to ensure scalability. Specifically, we encode all the visual and textual descriptors extracted from the videos into (surrogate) textual representations that are then efficiently indexed and searched using an off-the-shelf text search engine.


Content-based video retrieval Video search Known item search Convolutional neural networks 



This work was partially funded by “Smart News: Social sensing for breaking news”, CUP CIPE D58C15000270008, by VISECH ARCO-CNR, CUP B56J17001330004, and by “Automatic Data and documents Analysis to enhance human-based processes” (ADA), CUP CIPE D55F17000290009. We gratefully acknowledge the support of NVIDIA Corporation with the donation of the Tesla K40 GPU used for this research.


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