Theoretical Foundations: Bakhtin and Feminism

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This chapter provides an overview of the theoretical lenses employed in this project, including Bakhtinian theory, intertextuality, and feminist reading strategies. After exploring the Bakhtinian idea of truth, Cobb provides explanations and examples of the theoretical concepts of menippea, the novel, outsidedness, polyphony, dialogism, and carnivalesque. Alongside these terms, when appropriate, Cobb incorporates ideas formulated through the field of narratology, in particular, focalization and focalizor, which are connected to Bakhtin’s concept of outsidedness. The theory of intertextuality as outlined by Julia Kristeva is discussed as readings of other ancient narratives are placed in dialogue with Luke-Acts. Finally, Cobb outlines the ways that feminist scholars have utilized Bakhtin in their methodology and reading strategies, specifically, the concepts of dialogism and carnivalesque.

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