Protecting Resources and Regulating Access in Cloud-Based Object Storage

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Cloud storage services offer a variety of benefits that make them extremely attractive for the management of large amounts of data. These services, however, raise some concerns related to the proper protection of data that, being stored on servers of third party cloud providers, are no more under the data owner control. The research and development community has addressed these concerns by proposing solutions where encryption is adopted not only for protecting data but also for regulating accesses. Depending on the trust assumption on the cloud provider offering the storage service, encryption can be applied at the server side, client side, or through an hybrid approach. The goal of this chapter is to survey these encryption-based solutions and to provide a description of some representative systems that adopt such solutions.



This work was supported in part by the EC within the H2020 under grant agreement 644579 (ESCUDO-CLOUD) and within the FP7 under grant agreement 312797 (ABC4EU).


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