The Loop-Weight Changing Operator in the Completely Packed Loop Model

  • Bernard NienhuisEmail author
  • Kayed Al Qasimi
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Loop models are statistical ensembles of closed paths on a lattice. The most well-known among them has a variety of names such as the dense O(n) loop model, the Temperley-Lieb (TL) model. This note concerns the model in which the weight of the loop n = 1, and a local operator which changes the weight of all the loops that surround the position of the operator to some other value. A conjecture of the expectation value of the one-point function of this operator was formulated 15 years ago. In this note we sketch the proof.


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We thank Christian Hagendorf for his important contribution to this result, and the MATRIx organization for the excellent opportunity for scientific exchange.


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