Offshore Processing of CO2-Rich Natural Gas and the Role of Supersonic Separators—Introduction

  • Lara de Oliveira Arinelli
  • José Luiz de MedeirosEmail author
  • Alexandre Mendonça Teixeira
  • Ofélia de Queiroz Fernandes Araújo


This chapter gives an overview on basic subjects that justify the existence of this book, the most important being the contextualization of offshore processing of CO2-rich natural gas (NG), besides CO2 separation and destination. A discussion and bibliographic review on alternatives for CO2 removal from CO2-rich NG are included. Some basins worldwide have potential to produce oil with associated gas, yet under high gas–oil ratios and high %CO2 (≥40 mol%) which entails the onus of low-grade gas processing enchained to huge CO2 dispatch goals. Here, the oil and gas industry meets great challenges, since the oil production, the main revenue factor, is bounded to huge CO2-rich NG production with 10–80 mol% CO2. Therefore, processing solutions are needed to turn high-capacity CO2-rich NG processing rigs into feasible and safe operations, sometimes hundreds of kilometers offshore. The supersonic separator (SS) is a promising technology that fits into this context due to its capability of simultaneous adjustment of dew-points in a single compact and low-footprint operation. Regarding CO2 removal, the most indicated technology is membrane permeation, which besides being suitable for CO2 abatement services, and is also compact and modular. On the other hand, the literature already signalizes potential SS application for CO2 capture from CO2-rich NG.


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