Generative Metaphor: Names, Frames, and Concept Displacement

  • Leslie J. Waguespack


The science in design is indivisibly intertwined by artefact and theory through the neurophysiology and neuropsychology of metaphor. Metaphor is easily taken for granted – it is so pervasive, natural, and tacitly intrinsic to human verbal and written communication. But, its naturalness belies its formative role in cognition and ideation. Metaphor, epitomized by generative metaphor, engenders the capacity to proffer novel and innovative interpretations of intensions; to suggest creative perspectives that unearth artefact features that resonate with stakeholders’ genuine intensions. Generative metaphor is the quiddity of design. Metaphor is an instinctual lens for conceptualizing and refining the mapping of artefact features onto stakeholder intensions.

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  • Leslie J. Waguespack
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  1. 1.Computer Information SystemsBentley UniversityWalthamUSA

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