Deciphering Change in the Alaskan Landscape

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The Alaskan landscape challenges those who try to depict the experience of place through visual language. How artists decipher the complex intricacies of a changing climate in an already dynamic landscape is vital to understanding past and future concepts of change in Alaska. Daily patterns and cycles are becoming more unpredictable, making it difficult to visualize, measure, and adapt to new ways of living on and with the land. How artists see, comprehend, deconstruct, and communicate these complicated narratives aides in understanding the stress of human-caused climate change on the northern landscape.



Sections of this chapter have been previously published in artArctica, a Finland based art dialog and blog for artists based in, or inspired by, the Arctic,; and in an interview with the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change in partnership with Julie’s Bicycle, for an #Art4Climate initiative,


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