Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) plays a crucial role in environmental hazards like earthquake, fire, etc. The important aspect of building safety analysis is continuous monitoring using sensors. In the conventional method of analysis, the limitation is overcomes based on proposed method. The proposed frame work is an efficient way to analyze the structural behavior under vibration utilizing wireless sensor network (WSN). The development of the system includes a frame structure connected with accelerometer and ZigBee module that can send the signal to base station. A manual vibration shaker is used to make vibration in the developed frame structure in x-y direction at different conditions like normal to fully collapsing state. The controller output is fed to a graph generating software like MATLAB to simulate the corresponding plots of the building structure motions. The graphs are used to analyze the damage level of the building structure. Therefore, it helps in building risk diagnosis.


Wireless sensor network (WSN) Structural health monitoring Risk diagnosis Accelerometer 



We would like to show our gratitude towards Dr. Sudha Balagopalan, Principal, Vidya Academy of Science and Technology for giving us sole co-operation and encouragement. I thank Dr. S. Swapna Kumar, HoD for assistance and Sruthi. M, Co-ordinator for the comments that greatly improved the manuscript. We thank our colleagues who provide insight and expertise that greatly assisted the project work.


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