The current need for the Big Data that deals with structured and unstructured data, converts it into useful information, uses machine learning algorithms. The algorithms use statistical and mathematical problem-solving techniques. Much contribution has been made to mine data using machine learning algorithms, and analytical models are being built using the datasets. Hence, there is a need to create a standard platform to help the scientific community like academics, research scholars and organizations to install the scientific computing tools and to develop the cognitive application in a time-valued fashion. The objective of the proposed system is to improve the performance of machine learning algorithms and the data models; the data science workbench is being enabled on OpenPOWER. Building such a workbench on PowerPC will provide data and high-performance computing because of the significant advantage of Power on data workloads such as databases, data warehouses, data transaction processing, and indeed in high-performance computing. Parallelization of processes achieves this in power servers.


OpenPOWER Data science Anaconda 


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