Big Data Preprocessing for Modern World: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Andrea PrakashEmail author
  • Narem Navya
  • Jayapandian Natarajan
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 26)


Big data is an often misunderstood business term in the modern world. Multiple devices are connected to the internet and a democratization of available technologies. The data is generated almost exponential rate. This data is generated in large quantities, at a high speed and belongs to myriad categories. Coupled with advances in storage and processing hardware, it can derive insights from these bigger number of data but it works effectively. The data is to be transformed in the form of understandable and useable insights by algorithms and models. The data mining steps require data that is cleaned and structured to a larger extent. This is achieved by using various algorithms, processes and applications known as data pre-processing techniques. This article reviews the various data pre-processing techniques from a big data point of view.


Big data Preprocessing Data analytics Data cleaning Distributed computing Hadoop file system Noisy data 


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  • Narem Navya
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  • Jayapandian Natarajan
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