Performance Evaluation of Symmetric Block Cipher RC6 with ECB and CBC Operation Modes

  • Purva SharmaEmail author
  • Rajendra Purohit
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In today’s scene, many applications which are needed to transfer bulk of information among the users in secure manner. The best path to secure information is Cryptography. In cryptography, symmetric block ciphers are one of the most important fundamental methods to transfer bulk of data at high speed. RC6 cipher is used to transfer only 128-bits. To transfer more than 128 bits, utilize the mode of operations like Electronic Codebook Mode (ECB mode) and Cipher Block Chaining Mode (CBC mode). In this research paper, symmetric block cipher RC6 is performed along with two mode of operations: ECB mode and CBC mode.


Cryptography Symmetric block cipher RC6 cipher ECB mode CBC mode 


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