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In this monograph we devised the resource transfer problem (RTP), a new modeling approach for rich scheduling and routing problems. Using this generic framework, a large variety of scheduling and vehicle routing problems, as well as their hybrids can be modeled. Moreover, it is possible to take into consideration many different types of additional constraints arising in the context of real-life scheduling and vehicle routing. Most papers from the literature only consider one class or a special case of scheduling or vehicle routing problems and develop special-purpose algorithms to solve them. However, in practice there often exist different or additional requirements that do not fit these basic problems. The RTP covers many of these constraints. We developed a conceptual model and a MILP formulation of RTP and discussed a variety of modeling examples from the fields of pure machine or project scheduling problems and pure vehicle routing problems, as well as different types of combined problems. We also addressed many additional constraints that are relevant to scheduling and routing problems.


  1. Schutt A, Feydy T, Stuckey PJ, Wallace MG (2013) Solving RCPSP/max by lazy clause generation. J Sched 16(3):273–289CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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