The Religious Metaphysics of Vladimir Solovyov



Kojève’s introduction begins by justifying the metaphysical interpretation of Solovyov’s work. It moves chronologically through the phases of Solovyov’s life and writing, showing in each case that there are not only references to metaphysics proper but also attempts by Solovyov himself to articulate the scope and principles of his system. The work is divided into Sect. 2.1 and Chapter  3, with Sect. 2.1 further divided into three subsections: Sect. 2.1.1. “The Absolute and Ideal Cosmos,” dealing with the properties of the Absolute in general and how these relate to existing, concrete entities; Sect. 2.1.2. “The Divine Trinity,” concerning the identity of the Absolute with the Trinity, and the metaphysical relationship between man and God; and Sect. 2.1.3. “Théandrie and Σοφία,” which defines man’s ethical responsibilities and ability to realize divine life and knowledge in the profane world.


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