Conclusions on Atmosphere Design

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Creating a companion to Spheres was always going to be a cynical task, but to what extent can designers unpack the depressive sphere? Positioning Spheres theory at atmosphere designers means more than just adopting a cynical practice; rather, it involves considering design’s inwardness as a condition of interiority related to the depressive sphere. Designers can do more than just bear witness to the depressive sphere by understanding their shared practices of design, and that includes the sociality of reading communally. Spheres is still relevant for today’s temporal media issues and atmosphere designers tackling these issues can do so through the revised spherology of feminisms provided. Equipped with a renewed ethics of atmosphere and an awareness of creating activist-academia in relation to indexicality, readers may use this companion to go one step further and do some alchemy to extend the design-ins provided, with or without Spheres.


Atmosphere Design-in Feminisms Media Spherology 


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