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Alternative Learning Experiences: An Innovative Project Stimulating Creative Faculty of Humanities Students

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What and how can teachers do the best to facilitate successful leaner involvement in learning? Perhaps, by giving them the charge of their own learning. This case study, thus, highlights an initiative to incorporate students in innovative practices facilitating learning beyond classroom through active learning. Active learning is said to have significant impact on graduate’s workplace skills and positive self-perceptions, too (Goss and Sonnemann, Engaging students: creating classrooms that improve learning., 2017). The research focus, here, is to equip a group of responsible soon-to-be and out-to-the-job-market graduates with inventiveness, communicative skills, confidence, teamwork, time management, and also a sense of ownership. Many of which have been identified by (Wagner, The seven survival skills for college, career, and citizenship. Adviser’c Corner in The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don’t Teach The New Survival Skills Our Children Need—and What We Can Do About It. Basic Books, New York, 2008) Wagner in 2008 at Harvard’s Innovation Lab as Seven Survival Employability Skills. Findings of this study, undertaking task-based learning (TBL) framework (Ellis, The Methodology of Task-Based Teaching, 2002; Ellis, Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003), were obtained through alternative data instruments in the forms of info-graphics and screen shots of responses from participants’ notes. Findings suggest varied observations favouring their experience of paradigm shift through mixed feelings.


  • Students teaching students (STS)
  • Active learning
  • P21-learning and innovation skills
  • Graduate employability
  • Task-based language teaching

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Appendix 1. Lesson Map of STS-1, STS-2, and STS-3




Skill focus

Personality factors in second language learning

Video clips showing several personality factors

Video clips from movies, custom-made worksheet

Intrapersonal intelligence; speaking and writing


Popular superstitions using conditionals

Video clips, song, and custom-made game to complete conditional clauses

Logical and mathematical intelligence; writing skill


Children nursery rhyme: “if you are happy and you know it”

Story books; board-game: complete the flower with correct petals using prefixes and suffixes

Linguistic intelligence

Asking for direction

Video clip from an English TV series on the topic

Video clips, engaging game activity in class, and worksheet

Visual and spatial intelligence


English song and tailor-made worksheet

English song; custom-made worksheet to assess the use of preposition

Musical intelligence; basic proficiency

Transitional words

Asking about the ‘how to’ or a process like ‘how to make a paper plane?’ with random student in class revealed the topic

Creative game: how to make a paper boat? relating the lesson topic

Bodily kinesthetic intelligence; writing skill

Cultural differences between Bangladesh and Turkey

Small talks

Board game, worksheet, and video clips


Lexical relationship

Picture puzzles

Worksheets, video puzzles, and a game in group on collocation


Learning styles

‘Key to explore about you’

Tactile: picture puzzle, kinesthetic: toy making, visual: toy puzzle to observe the changes, auditory: English and Bangla karaoke, to name a few


Word formation process


Worksheet and video clips


Giving direction


Self-made Google map for giving direction to DIU, UC from Rajlaxmi campus



Video clip of a little girl climbing upon a pony on the 17th attempt

Video clips, custom-made worksheets, and so on


Personality traits

Whole class discussion on general related to the topic

Worksheets, role play, game in class


Appendix 2

Appendix 3

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