Modern Benthic Foraminifera “Phylum Foraminifera (D’Orbigny 1826)” of the Panama Bight: A Census Report Based on Thanatocoenoses from the Continental Slope

  • Angélica Ballesteros-PradaEmail author
Conference paper
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This contribution compiles the published reports of foraminifera assemblages in Panama Bight (Eastern Equatorial Pacific), and new information obtained from the analysis of a sample set located on the continental margin of Colombian Pacific with the purpose to generate a taxonomic list, and to explore the presence and richness of the species throughout the region. A total of 417 species and 149 genera have been reported so far, mostly hyaline organisms. The species richness suggests a latitudinal variation, with the highest values in the continental margin of Ecuador and Colombia and the lowest values in the continental slope of Panama.


Foraminifera Continental margin Taxonomy Micropaleontology Species description 



I want to thank the Instituto Colombiano del Petroleo—Ecopetrol for making this material available for study, and Dr. Daniel Rincon Martínez and M. Sc. Germán David Patarroyo for their advice and constant help throughout the project. Also, I want to thank the biologist Gustavo Torres Angarita, for collaborating in the preparation of samples for optical images, and the Paula Troyon technique for taking the scanning electron microscope images in the Materials Characterization Department, Centro Atómico de Bariloche (CAB).

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