Topical and Transdermal Nanomedicines for Cancer Therapy

  • Yanqi Ye
  • Jinqiang Wang
  • Wujin Sun
  • Hunter N. Bomba
  • Zhen GuEmail author
Part of the Bioanalysis book series (BIOANALYSIS, volume 5)


Topical and transdermal nanomedicine systems have attracted considerable attention in anticancer therapy. The administration route toward the skin can transport active drugs through the skin barrier and control their entrance into the blood circulation system. Agents delivered through this platform are capable of escaping the first pass of metabolism, which causes physiological degradation of the agent and systemic clearance. Apart from methodology to facilitate the delivery of drug transdermally, the formulation of nanomedicines to preserve the therapeutic’s property is also critical for overall clinical outcomes. This strategy improves the efficiency of encapsulated drugs by potentiating the targeting capability and tailoring the release kinetics toward specific tumors. This chapter summarizes the principles and the recent innovations in the field of transdermal nanomedicine together with opportunities and challenges in clinical translation. For the continued development of novel transdermal devices incorporating nanotechnology, a deeper understanding is required in rational nanoparticle design and their pharmacokinetics.


Drug delivery Tumor Anticancer Topical Transdermal Delivery routes Skin barrier Permeability Blood circulation Systematic clearance Chemical enhancer Iontophoresis Sonophoresis Microneedle Phototherapy Nanocarriers Lipid nanovesicles Polymeric nanoparticles Inorganic nanocarriers Encapsulation Drug formulation Hydrophilicity Stability Targeting Release kinetics Therapeutic efficacy 


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