Lie–Butcher Series, Geometry, Algebra and Computation

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Lie–Butcher (LB) series are formal power series expressed in terms of trees and forests. On the geometric side LB-series generalizes classical B-series from Euclidean spaces to Lie groups and homogeneous manifolds. On the algebraic side, B-series are based on pre-Lie algebras and the Butcher-Connes-Kreimer Hopf algebra. The LB-series are instead based on post-Lie algebras and their enveloping algebras. Over the last decade the algebraic theory of LB-series has matured. The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, we aim at presenting the algebraic structures underlying LB series in a concise and self contained manner. Secondly, we review a number of algebraic operations on LB-series found in the literature, and reformulate these as recursive formulae. This is part of an ongoing effort to create an extensive software library for computations in LB-series and B-series in the programming language Haskell.


B-series Lie–Butcher series Post-Lie algebra Pre-Lie algebra 


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