Hand Pose Estimation via Latent 2.5D Heatmap Regression

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Estimating the 3D pose of a hand is an essential part of human-computer interaction. Estimating 3D pose using depth or multi-view sensors has become easier with recent advances in computer vision, however, regressing pose from a single RGB image is much less straightforward. The main difficulty arises from the fact that 3D pose requires some form of depth estimates, which are ambiguous given only an RGB image. In this paper we propose a new method for 3D hand pose estimation from a monocular image through a novel 2.5D pose representation. Our new representation estimates pose up to a scaling factor, which can be estimated additionally if a prior of the hand size is given. We implicitly learn depth maps and heatmap distributions with a novel CNN architecture. Our system achieves state-of-the-art accuracy for 2D and 3D hand pose estimation on several challenging datasets in presence of severe occlusions.


Hand pose 2D to 3D 3D reconstruction 2.5D heatmaps 



JG was supported by the ERC Starting Grant ARCA.

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