Landscape Reconstruction in Lower Satakunta

  • Jari PohjolaEmail author
  • Jari Turunen
  • Tarmo Lipping
  • Anna Sivula
  • Marko Marila
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The landscape reconstruction at four historical sites in Eura: Kolmhaara, Tyttöpuisto, Kuninkaanhauta and Luistari is presented in this chapter. The reconstruction focuses on the time periods of the archaeological findings at respective sites: Stone Age in the case of Kolmhaara and Tyttöpuisto, Bronze Age in the case of the Kuninkaanhauta and Iron Age in the case of Luistari. Landscape reconstruction results are discussed in relation with the radiocarbon datings of the findings at these sites. It is found that while for the Kuninkaanhauta the land uplift model locates the settlement at a favorable location with respect to the shoreline at approximately the same time period obtained using radiocarbon dating, there is a significant discrepancy between the two methods of estimating the age of the settlements for the Stone Age sites of Kolmhaara and Tyttöpuisto.


Landscape reconstruction Radiocarbon dating Land uplift 


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