Statistical Description of Wireless Multipath Channel

  • Joachim SpeidelEmail author
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In the following, we are going to describe the time variance of a multipath channel by statistical parameters. We assume a multipath channel with delay spread function \(g_{c}(t,\tau )\) given in ( 7.3) and neglect the receiver noise in the following. For the receive signal ( 7.12), then holds with ( 7.13) and \(u_{a}(t)=x(t)\).
$$\begin{aligned} q_{R}(t)=\sum _{\nu =1}^{N_{P}}x(t)\circledast \left[ \tilde{\alpha }_{\nu }(t)g_{I}\left( \tau -\tau _{\nu }(t)\right) \right] \circledast g_{R}(\tau ) \end{aligned}$$
As can be seen, even for a constant transmit signal \(x(t)=const.\)


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