Complications of Vasectomy Reversals

  • Sheldon H. F. Marks


Complications following a vasectomy reversal are similar to any potential risks and complications after a vasectomy or any other scrotal/testicular surgery. In skilled and experienced hands, these complications are rare but can still happen. A review of these and other reversal specific and general potential risks and complications should be reviewed at the time of your preoperative informed consent. Risks for bleeding, infection, reactive hydrocele, atrophy, and pain are more likely after previous successful or unsuccessful reconstruction attempts, other scrotal/testicular/inguinal surgeries, or when more aggressive surgery is required to isolate the vas, epididymis, or testicle from extensive scar or to free up and mobilize the abdominal vas or the epididymis.


Post-reversal complications Bleeding – immediate or delayed Scrotal drains Infection Reactive hydrocele Testicular atrophy Testicular pain 


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