Engineering of Web Stream Processing Applications

  • Emanuele Della ValleEmail author
  • Riccardo Tommasini
  • Marco Balduini
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The goal of the tutorial is to outline how to develop and deploy a stream processing application in a Web environment in a reproducible way. To this extent, we intend to (1) survey existing research outcomes from the Stream Reasoning/RDF Stream Processing that arise in querying and reasoning on a variety of highly dynamic data, (2) introduce stream reasoning techniques as powerful tools to use when addressing a data-centric problem characterized both by variety and velocity (such as those typically found on the modern Web), (3) present a relevant Web-centric use-case that requires to address simultaneously data velocity and variety, and (4) guide the participants through the development of a Web stream processing application.


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  • Riccardo Tommasini
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  • Marco Balduini
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