Optimality Program in Segment and String Graphs

  • Édouard Bonnet
  • Paweł RzążewskiEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11159)


Planar graphs are known to allow subexponential algorithms running in time \(2^{O(\sqrt{n})}\) or \(2^{O(\sqrt{n} \log n)}\) for most of the paradigmatic problems, while the brute-force time \(2^{\varTheta (n)}\) is very likely to be asymptotically best on general graphs. Intrigued by an algorithm packing curves in \(2^{O(n^{2/3}\log n)}\) by Fox and Pach [SODA’11], we investigate which problems have subexponential algorithms on the intersection graphs of curves (string graphs) or segments (segment intersection graphs) and which problems have no such algorithms under the ETH (Exponential Time Hypothesis). Among our results, we show that, quite surprisingly, 3-Coloring can also be solved in time \(2^{O(n^{2/3}\log ^{O(1)}n)}\) on string graphs while an algorithm running in time \(2^{o(n)}\) for 4-Coloring even on axis-parallel segments (of unbounded length) would disprove the ETH. For 4-Coloring of unit segments, we show a weaker lower bound, excluding a \(2^{o(n^{2/3})}\) algorithm (under the ETH). The construction exploits the celebrated Erdős-Szekeres theorem. The subexponential running time also carries over to Min Feedback Vertex Set, but not to Min Dominating Set and Min Independent Dominating Set.


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