Certain Query Answering on Compressed String Patterns: From Streams to Hyperstreams

  • Iovka Boneva
  • Joachim Niehren
  • Momar SakhoEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11123)


We study the problem of certain query answering (Cqa) on compressed string patterns. These are incomplete singleton context-free grammars, that can model systems of multiple streams with references to others, called hyperstreams more recently. In order to capture regular path queries on strings, we consider nondeterministic finite automata (Nfas) for query definition. It turns out that Cqa for Boolean Nfa queries is equivalent to regular string pattern inclusion, i.e., whether all strings completing a compressed string pattern belong to a regular language. We prove that Cqa on compressed string patterns is PSpace-complete for Nfa queries. The PSpace-hardness even applies to Boolean queries defined by deterministic finite automata (Dfas) and without compression. We also show that Cqa on compressed linear string patterns can be solved in PTime for Dfa queries.



We are thankful to C. Paperman, who saw the PSpace-hardness of regular string pattern matching in a discussion on the topic. We thank S. Salvati and S. Tison for discussions on regular string pattern matching. It is a pleasure to thank all the anonymous reviewers for their extraordinary helpful feedback.


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