The EDP Data

  • Peter W. Roberts
  • Saurabh A. Lall


Chapters  1 and  2 provided the background for the analyses in this book. Chapter  4 provides our first analysis of the effects that accelerators have on the year-over-year growth of earned revenues, employees, and investment in a large sample of impact-oriented ventures. In between, this chapter describes the venture-level data, which were collected through an initiative called the Entrepreneurship Database Program (EDP) at Emory University. Working with scores of impact-oriented accelerators around the world, the EDP collects consistent data from thousands of entrepreneurs who apply to partner programs. Because these programs are impact oriented, virtually all of the applying ventures aspire to achieve specific social or environmental objectives. Beginning a year after each application window closes, the EDP collects annual follow-up information from program participants and from entrepreneurs whose ventures were rejected. This allows us to see how variables describing the commercial performance of participants and rejected ventures change during the post-application year. In the end, the EDP sample describes 5614 early-stage ventures. A total of 890 of these ventures were selected to participate in the program to which they applied.

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