• R. Beuscart
  • E. Chazard
  • J. Duchêne
  • G. Ficheur
  • J. M. Renard
  • V. Rialle
  • N. Souf
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E-health is a large domain of research and applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), not only in Medicine, but in the broad field of healthcare, including homecare and personalised health. The history of e-health started as soon as the 1960s, but e-health continues to extend its range of innovation and applications, particularly in developing countries and in the homecare domain. E-Health scientific background is based upon the theories of “Computer-Supported Cooperative Work” theorised by Schmidt, Ellis, and Johansen, in the 1990s. In this chapter, we present different fields of development of telemedicine, and Home-based tele-health. We present also how e-health contributes to the constitution of large networked data warehouses to be now exploited with the relevant methods.


E-health Medical informatics Telemedicine Tele-health Electronic health records Computer supported cooperative work Personalised health 



The authors wish to thank Nicolas Leroy for his assistance.


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