Virtual endoscopy in otorhinolaryngology

  • J. L. Bensimon
  • D. Buthiau
  • J. Waterkeyn
  • J. Zerbib
  • C. Eloit
  • G. Michaux
  • J. Dichamp
  • P. Herman
  • S. Bobin
  • P. Tran Ba Huy


Emdoscopy forms part of the everyday diagnostic arsenal in every sector of otorhinolaryngology The investigation of the cavities of the nasal sinuses, the middle ear and, more recently, the cerebellopontine angle have greatly benefited from progress in this internal visualization [1]. The threshold between diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy was soon crossed and the operating channel which served for palpation was rapidly occuped by laser fibers or instruments appropriate for therapeutic procedures. Easy visual acess to the deep cavities was followed by surgical therapeutic procedures with better monitoring of the operative procedure and its final outcome.


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  • C. Eloit
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  • P. Herman
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