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Tools and Technologies for Building Clouds

Part of the Computer Communications and Networks book series (CCN)


With cloud computing growing in popularity, tools and technologies are emerging to build, access, manage, and maintain the clouds. These tools need to manage the huge number of operations within a cloud transparently and without service interruptions. Cloud computing promises lower costs, faster implementation, and more flexibility using mixtures of technologies, and the associated tools are critical for achieving this.

In this chapter, we survey several state-of-the-art techniques for building clouds, starting with virtualization technology. We briefly introduce virtual machines (VMs) and their main features. Then, we introduce the main tools to manage VMs (hypervisors and virtual infrastructure managers) as well as the major technologies used to manage VMs in a public cloud. We then present MapReduce, a powerful model that makes it easier to write programs that take advantage of the power of cloud computing. We conclude by examining four web services tools and technologies that are built for cloud computing.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtual Machine
  • Cloud Provider
  • Simple Object Access Protocol
  • Virtualization Technology

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This work is supported by National 973 Key Basic Research Program under grant No.2007CB310900, NSFC under grants No.60673174 and No.60973037, Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University under Grant NCET-07-0334, Information Technology Foundation of MoE and Intel under grant MoE-INTEL-09-03, and National High-Tech R&D Plan of China under grant No.2006AA01A115.

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