HL7 Dynamic Model and IHE XDS

  • Tim Benson
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This chapter is primarily devoted to the HL7 Dynamic Model, which describes a set of related interactions, which together perform one or more use cases. It also includes a short section on the IHE cross-enterprise document sharing (XDS) profile.

Safety is paramount in health care. Examples of safety procedures include: Acknowledgements sent at both transport level (message received) and application level (message processed). Explicit validation by both sender and receiver systems. Use of automatic patient matching, with fallback of manual matching if not entirely unambiguous. Routing messages to alternative recipient if not actioned within a specified time (e.g., if a named recipient is on leave). Messages are not removed from a task list until all actions specified have been performed. If any user edits a message the original is kept unchanged (deletionless messages). A full audit trail is maintained.

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