Step-by-Step Approach to Robotic Cystectomy and Intracorporeal Urinary Diversion

  • Magnus Annerstedt
  • Peter Wiklund


Radical cystectomy with pelvic lymph node dissection is the gold standard for treatment of localized invasive bladder cancer.1 - 3 The procedure is associated with a substantial morbidity and 25–50% of the patients will have complications in the perioperative period.4 - 6 The first laparoscopic cystectomy was performed in 19927 and several other centers have followed.8 Laparoscopic cystectomy has been reported in more than 500 patients and current results indicate that this minimally invasive approach may cause less blood loss, decreased postoperative pain, and faster recovery compared to open surgery.9,10 Due to the technical challenges of conventional laparoscopy (counterintuitive motion, two-dimensional laparoscopic vision, ergonomic drawback, and non-flexible instruments), leading to a steep learning curve and the lack of long-term oncological results, this approach has not gained a wide acceptance among urologists.


Bladder cancer Intracorporeal urinary diversion Robotic cystectomy 


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