Medical Imaging in Clinical Trials

pp 293-325


Nuclear Medicine: An Overview of Imaging Techniques, Clinical Applications and Trials

  • Amit MehndirattaAffiliated withDepartment of Engineering Science, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Old Road Campus Research Building, University of Oxford Email author 
  • , Prabu AnandarajAffiliated withAdvanced Clinical Applications, GE Healthcare
  • , Christian M. ZechmannAffiliated withDepartment of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Rinecker Proton Therapy Center
  • , Frederik L. GieselAffiliated withDepartment of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Heidelberg

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Nuclear medicine is a special division of nuclear physics that deals with the application of radioactivity in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine. This chapter will elaborate the basics of nuclear physics, concepts of nuclear imaging radioactive tracers used in nuclear imaging, and their mechanism. Radiation safety is a major concern while administering ionizing radiation for diagnostic or therapeutic purpose. An elaboration on the radiation safety measure for both patient and doctors followed by standardization of nuclear imaging in clinical practice is covered in this chapter. Following this multiple example will be discussed in cancer imaging of brain, lung, breast, GIT, ovary, prostate, etc. This chapter will conclude with future scope for research and outlook for clinical application in nuclear imaging.


Nuclear medicine PET PET/CT Tumor imaging Radiotracers