Adrenal Gland

  • Gregory T. MaclennanEmail author
  • Liang Cheng


The adrenal gland is an interesting organ with a wide spectrum of unique and challenging pathologic disorders, some acquired in the absence of a neoplastic process, and others that represent neoplasms of diverse origin. Certain entities, such as the adrenal findings in Waterhouse–Friderichsen syndrome, or diffuse and nodular hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex, are encountered exclusively or most frequently in the autopsy suite. Surgical pathologists are presented with a variety of neoplasms of diverse origin, as well as lesions that cannot be distinguished from neoplasms clinically or radiologically, such as myelolipoma and adrenal hemorrhage. In some cases, an entirely accurate clinical diagnosis is made before surgical resection, as in the case of aldosteronoma or pheochromocytoma.

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