Design Patterns for User Interface for Mobile Applications

  • Erik G. NilssonEmail author
Conference paper


In this paper we present a collection of user-interface design patterns for mobile applications. The patterns in the collection are grouped into a set of problem areas that are further grouped into three main problem areas. After presenting this problem structure we present one of the patterns in some detail. Then, we present some relevant findings from a validation of the patterns collection. This validation shows that both the patterns collection and the individual patterns are relevant and useful for usability professionals with a mixed background. Finally, we discuss pros and cons of using a patterns format for documenting design knowledge, related work, and future research.


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The work on which this paper is based is supported by the UMBRA and FLAMINCO projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the industry partners in these projects. I would also like to thank my colleagues Asbjørn Følstad and Jan Heim for contributions to designing the questionnaire used for the validation and in analyzing the results.


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