GFG-Based Compression and Retrieval of Document Images in Indian Scripts

  • Gaurav HaritEmail author
  • Santanu Chaudhury
  • Ritu Garg
Part of the Advances in Pattern Recognition book series (ACVPR)


Indexing and retrieval of Indian language documents is an important problem. We present an interactive access scheme for Indian language document collection using techniques for word-image-based search. The compression and retrieval paradigm we propose is applicable even for those Indian scripts for which reliable OCR technology is not available. Our technique for word spotting is based on exploiting the geometrical features of the word image. The word image features are represented in the form of a graph called geometric feature graph (GFG). The GFG is encoded as a string which serves as a compressed representation of the word image skeleton. We have also augmented the GFG-based word image spotting with latent semantic analysis for more effective retrieval. The query is specified as a set of word images and the documents that best match with the query representation in the latent semantic space are retrieved. The retrieval paradigm is further enhanced to the conceptual level with the use of document image content-domain knowledge specified in the form of an ontology.


Geometric feature graph (GFG) Word spotting Latent semantic analysis Indic scripts 


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