P2P Deployment Using Jxta

  • Ian J. Taylor
  • Andrew B. Harrison
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This chapter describes how to deploy applications using Jxta's Java reference implementation [24]. There are two specic examples: the rst illustrates how to manually start the Jxta platform and congure it using the Jxta Congu-rator application; and the second demonstrates how to automatically set an ad doc networking environment by employing the use of the NetworkMan- ager class and a client/server application using Jxta Unicast pipes can be created within that environment. The purpose of these examples is twofold: to familiarise the reader with the style of coding involved in creating Jxta applications and to discuss the tools involved in using the Jxta platform, and considerations that this environment exhibits.

Jxta is very much an evolving project and during the past four years alone, between the rst edition of this book and this one, the Jxta API has changed signicantly (even the stable build directory location has changed). The chap- ter presented here therefore is a complete rewrite of the one found in the previous edition of this book. The examples provided here are re-engineered examples from the rst edition using the updated API, and many more ex- amples can be found in the Jxta tutorial.1 The examples provided here are representative of the Jxta API and how to program using the toolkit. Even if the API changes again, it is highly unlikely that the style of the approach will di-er so much as a whole. Code for these examples can be found at the book Web site:


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