Pilot Projects

  • Fabio Bella
  • Filippo Forchino
  • Jarmo Kalaoja
  • J¨rgen M¨nch
  • Alexis Ocampo
  • Mario Negro Ponzi
  • Marco Torchiano


Due to its newness, wireless Internet services engineering lacks explicit experience and quantitative data [1]. No historical data exists on related technologies, techniques and suitable software development process models. Some of the most critical consequences to be expected are unreliable project planning, incorrect effort estimates and high risk with respect to process, resource and technology planning.


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  • Fabio Bella
  • Filippo Forchino
  • Jarmo Kalaoja
  • J¨rgen M¨nch
  • Alexis Ocampo
  • Mario Negro Ponzi
  • Marco Torchiano

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