Laparoscopic Ureteral Reimplant Surgery to Correct Reflux Disease

  • Bekir Aras
  • Levent Gurkan
  • Ali Serdar Gözen
  • Dogu Teber
  • Jens RassweilerEmail author
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Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) is considered as a significant factor for the development of urinary tract infection, progressive renal damage or scarring, and end-stage renal failure [1]. Mild cases of VUR are likely to resolve spontaneously, but high-grade VUR may require surgical correction. Open ureteral reimplantation surgery has been extremely successful, with success rates of 95–98% in children [2]. However, open surgical repair involves in-splitting of the abdominal wall, forced retraction of the bladder and long postoperative need for indwelling catheter causing pain, bladder spasms, and longer hospital stay [3–5]. Laparoscopy is proposed to overcome these advantages of the traditional open surgery in the treatment of VUR, reflecting the advance in other fields of urologic surgery. Despite initial description in 1994, standard laparoscopic ureteral reconstructive surgery has lagged behind because of its complexity and requirement of advanced laparoscopic skills [6].


Vesicoureteral reflux Reconstructive urology Antireflux surgery Laparoscopic surgery 


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