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The Aphasias and Other Disorders of Language
  • Gregory Cooper
  • Gerald Eichhorn
  • Robert Rodnitzky

Language is the mechanism by which communication is achieved through the use of specific sounds or symbols. In the clinical realm, it is extremely important to differentiate this process from that of speech, the coordinated motor mechanism that allows the utterance of sound. Either language or speech can be abnormal with total preservation of the other, although in some clinical circumstances, both are involved simultaneously. Conceptual abnormalities of production or understanding of speech or language are referred to as aphasia, and mechanical abnormalities in the motor production of speech are known as dysarthria or anarthria.

Apahsic Disorders Are Usually Caused by Lesions of The Left Hemisphere

Language dominance is located in the left hemisphere in approximately 95% of right-handed persons and in approximately 66% of those people who are left-handed. Because most of the population is right-handed, a useful clinical principle is that the left hemisphere must be considered dominant...


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  3. 3.Department Head of NeurologyUniversity of Iowa Hospitals and ClinicsIowa CityUSA

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