Maximizing Image Quality: User-Dependent Variables

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Ultrasound is a tool used for the diagnosis and management of urologic disease. An ultrasound examination performed and interpreted by the clinician combines a knowledge of the underlying anatomy and disease processes with technical expertise to produce images of superior quality which answer a specific clinical question. The interpretation of urologic images is an integral part of the training of all urologists. The technical performance of the study and the ability to maximize image quality are learned skills. Current ultrasound equipment is a sophisticated combination of mechanical equipment and software which is capable of producing exquisitely detailed anatomic images. Almost all current ultrasound equipment includes preset applications which optimize machine settings for imaging of specific organs or regions of the body. These presets save a great deal of time because they set scanning parameters which are favorable for most patients. However, there are many clinical circumstances in which these presets will need to be adjusted by the individual performing the ultrasound examination. An understanding of the underlying physical principles of ultrasound, proper probe selection, and machine settings is critical to making appropriate adjustments to the equipment.


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