Surgical Treatment of Primary Malignant Tumors

  • Branco Prpa
  • Robert F. McLain
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The primary goal of treatment for patients with malignant primary spine tumors is to provide cure, or the best chance of cure, if possible. If cure is not possible, we seek to palliate pain and provide early return to function and activity, to maintain or improve neurological function, and to provide a stable spinal column. The “upside” to an aggressive resection of a primary spinal malignancy has never been higher, making the “downside” to a poorly planned or executed surgery all the more unacceptable. With improved medical and radiotherapies, the treating physician now has the opportunity—and the obligation—to carefully tailor treatment to the biology and stage of each specific spine tumor (Table 1). The role of surgery differs depending on tumor type, stage, and location.


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