Common Radiotherapy Techniques for Spinal Tumors

  • Mohamed A. Elshaikh
  • Roger M. Macklis
Part of the Current Clinical Oncology book series (CCO)


Radiation therapy is an important modality in the management of both primary and metastatic tumors involving the spine and spinal cord. The mesenchymal elements of the spinal column and its contents may give rise to a wide variety of primary tumors. Yet, primary neoplastic lesions of the spine are rare, accounting for roughly 5 to 10% of all skeletal tumors. Metastatic lesions of the spine are far more common (1). True spinal cord neoplasms are relatively rare and typically intradural in location. Radiation therapy has evolved over the past decades to better meet these needs. Better pretreatment imaging studies, megavoltage linear accelerators, and computer-based three-dimentional (3D) treatment planning are all improving radiation dose distributions, thus, decreasing the likelihood of severe acute or late toxicity.


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